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This course was created by division members in Accountability, Assessment, and Research & Technology at the Arkansas Department of Education 

1.       Primary contact for ADE and Superintendent designee to coordinate district‐wide testing programs, including, but not limited to state testing, college entrance testing, and EL testing.

2.       Trains employees at district sites in test administration as needed including ability to access computer testing information and relevant reporting.

3.       Maintains data and generates related reports for district purposes.

4.       Works with sites to ensure proper identification and integrity of data of special populations for the purpose of test pre‐identification and reporting (ELL, economically disadvantaged, GATE, Title I, foster youth, special education, etc.)

5.       Provides site and district staff with current and historical federal, state and local accountability data.

6.       Maintains the integrity of the testing process.   

7.       Receives, inventories, and distributes materials to site staff and returns materials to appropriate testing agencies.

8.       Coordinates and provides support for inputting all testing information into the student information system and testing portals.

9.       Collects and reports pertinent data as needed.

10.   Must be able to meet and interact with employees and parents/guardians in routine situations, which require tact, discretion, and courtesy.  

11.   Other related duties as assigned

You always knew that importing CSV files would make managing ACT Aspire easier but just didn’t have the time to become an Excel expert, right? This training will teach you specific Excel tasks that will allow you to manipulate Cognos reports and PearsonAccessnext exports/imports to more efficiently manage Users, Groups/Classes, Sessions, and Reporting Groups in PearsonAccessnext – tasks that every District and School Test Coordinator should know to make managing ACT Aspire easier. You will be actively engaged in Excel throughout this training and walk away with the knowledge, skills, and resources to decrease the time and effort needed to get ready for Periodic and Summative test administrations. You will not learn everything about Excel, but you will learn tips, shortcuts for commands, and formulas for the Aspire tasks that have to completed every test administration.